Steve Clapperton –  Saturday March 9th, 4 -5:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Born and raised in Innerliethen, Scotland, Steve grew up fishing salmon and trout on the River Tweed. He moved to Canada in 1999, spending two years on Vancouver Island. There he fished the Stamp River, Barkley Sound, and Broken Group, as well as surrounding lakes and rivers. Currently Steve lives in Nova Scotia, where he created “Fishing with Friends”, a fishing show that promoted catch and release and highlights fishing in the Maritimes. The show was produced by and aired on Eastlink for 11 seasons. Steve fishes lobster and snow crab in the Northumberland Strait in the spring. In the summer, he guides for salmon and lake trout at Long Lake Adventures, located in Northern New Brunswick. Steve fishes giant bluefin tuna out of Cape George, NS for Nova Scotia Tuna Charters in the fall. Steve is also a founding member and a past vice-president of the Antigonish Town and County Anglers Association. Off the water, Steve is assistant coach of the Saint Francis Xavier University women’s rugby team.


Clay Harrison  – Saturday March 9th, 4 – 5pm Seminar Pavilion








Born on the banks of the Tobique River, and growing up on Long Lake, it’s fair to say that fishing is a big part of who he is.  He has been fortunate enough to turn his hobby and passion into his profession. As a professional guide and 4th generation outfitter, he has been able to share his knowledge, teach, and produce several NB Master Angler Record fish. Please see Clay Harrison at Booth D106 at the Long Lake Adventures Ltd booth at the show.

Carroll Randall – Saturday March 9th, 4 – 5:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








A local newspaper reporter wrote about Carroll’s retirement in 2010:  “Many years later, my path crossed with Carroll Randall, an avid sport fisherman. I asked him what he planned to do when he retired. He simply answered “I’m going fishing,” and smiled. “Fishing is my favourite thing in life.”

But his first step to realizing his lifelong passion was taking a fishing guide course and standard first aid. His dream began to take shape when he started dacaraFishin.”

Carroll is the owner of dacaraFishin’ which provides custom fishing experiences in and around Nova Scotia.  Carroll is a registered certified guide in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  He offers half-day and full-day guiding experiences along with multi-day salmon fishing trips and beginner fishing schools.

Carroll has a life time of fishing experience both fly fishing and spin fishing.  He is also an accomplished bass tournament fisherman with many years competing in the South Shore Bassmaster tournament trail and the Atlantic Bass Open.

He operates his guiding business for trout, small mouth bass and chain pickerel from April 1 to October 31 in the Lunenburg and Queens County area.  Salmon fishing experiences include River Phillip, the Margaree in Cape Breton and the Codroy River in Newfoundland.

For the past year Carroll has been writing a weekly column for the South Shore Breaker about his fishing experiences.  Some of his columns included:  Starting Your Fly Fishing Journey, How to Catch and Release Fish Properly, Using a Nova Scotia Registered Guide, Secrets to Salmon Fishing and Fishing for Salmon for the First Time.

Carroll, along with Vinal Smith and Brad Crouse, is also a certified Guide Course Instructor offering a guide course every year in February in Queens County.


Shane Rafuse – Saturday March 9th, 4 – 5:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Shane Rafuse is from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, he is the Owner of Shanes Blackwater fishing tackle.  He is well recognized for his involvement in the outdoors from multiple highlights including, several provincial championships/Canada games athlete with archery, You Tube fishing channel and recently being part of the Canadian Fishing network as a content contributor. This is his 3rd Atlantic sports and RV sports show as a vendor and we are more then happy to have him share his knowledge of his love of fishing while here enjoying the show with his family/friends.


Gerald Foster  – Saturday March 9th, 4 – 5:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Grew up in the Annapolis Valley fishing, Hunting and trapping. Studied Agricultural Engineering at NSAC (Truro) and TUNS (Halifax) Authored 17 Patents working with Combine Harvester Threshing systems. One patent credited with conserving over 30 M gallons of diesel. Since retirement Gerald dedicates his time to Sportfishing and splits his year between Sherbrooke Lake Lunenburg Co. and Vancouver Island. Presently works with Shane’s Black Water designing and testing tackle/equipment.


Perry Munro – Saturday March 9th, 4 – 5:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Perry has fished in a number of locations in North America, every province and territory in Canada and a number of States in the US. He has also fished in the Bahamas and Cuba. His personal species list is quite extensive from these experiences. He has written in outdoor magazines for over twenty five years and supplied artwork and photographs for his writing. He has been a Master Guide for fifty years and guided mainly in Nova Scotia and Labrador but also exotic places such as the Arctic. Perry prefers fly fishing but is also capable of a variety of other methods. He is the owner and operator of a fly shop and has tied flies and built custom rods for years. Fishing for him is a true passion and a profession!


Jeff Wilson – Saturday March 9th, 1 – 2:00 pm; Sunday March 10th, 1 – 2:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Jeff is the Co- Host of the Miramichi Striper Cup which is the largest event in Eastern Canada. He is a 30 year competitive Bass Angler and has made guest appearances on TV shows such as Fishing Canada, Fins and Skins and Backwater Casting.

Jeff is also with the city of Miramichi Striper Cup – Co Host and founder of this International Award winning event! He is also the Co-Host of Garmin Electronics Prostaff; Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff; Mercury Marine Pro Staff and MotorGuide Prostaff.


Jeff Duncan – Saturday March 9th, 3 – 4:00 pm; Sunday March 10th, 3 -4:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Jeff has been an avid angler since he was a youngster. He has competitively bass fished for over 20 years competing in events in NS, NB, Quebec, and Ontario as well as fishing several US waters and for other species. He has competed against some of the best-known names in Canadian Tournament Fishing. Jeff has tournament wins and top ten finishes across the Atlantic provinces. He is the past champion of the Budweiser Pro Atlantic Tour and is a top five finisher of the B.A.S.S Northern Open and has qualified for Team Ontario. Jeff is a top ten finisher at the B1 Open on the St Lawrence River and has twice qualified for and competed in the Canadian Nation Bass Classic.

Jeff is currently on Prostaff with Ranger Boats and White Water Marine. He has served as President and Vice President on the largest Bass Tournament Association in N.S. He has acted as a spokes person for Discover Boating in the past and has been featured in Print, Online, and on TV. Jeff has performed demonstrations and conducted seminars at various outdoor shows to share his excitement for fishing!


Angela Kendrick – Friday March 8th, 3 – 4:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Angela’s earliest memories of fishing were walking through a cow pasture to get to the river with her Mom, Dad and brothers when she was around five years old. She remembers tipping over cow patties on the way to collect worms. Her family moved and then she would fish off the wharves for whatever she could catch. As a teenager she started also being interested in hunting, anything to spend time outdoors.

Angela became a Scout leader in 1995 when her daughter joined and she hasn’t looked back. Currently she is a bookkeeper, who fishes Bass tournaments from June to October, goes Deer hunting in November, takes kids camping in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. She has been going to fishing tournaments for 20 years! Angela has fished with most of the NS tournament anglers both at home and away. She says, “going away to a tournament is a great time and such a learning experience and challenge”.

Art Gaetan – Friday March 8th, 6 – 7:00 pm, Saturday March 9th, 6 – 7:00 pm Seminar Pavilion








Art Gaetan is owner and operator of Blue Shark Fishing Charters, a catch, tag and release operation in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Since 2000, Art has used his fishing operation to provide valuable information and scientific data on sharks to various local, national, and international marine programs.  Having tagged over 8000 sharks over a 20 year period, Art has become one of the foremost non-academic shark experts in the country.  He has traveled to South Africa and the Archipelago of Cape Verde to assist shark scientists with the capture, safe handling and tagging of various shark species.  In 2018, Art, along with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, captured the first Great White Shark in Canada. Art has appeared in various television shows, including CBC’s Land and SeaThe Rick Mercer Report, and Bob Izumis’ Real Fishing Show.  He also appeared in the recent Rob Stewart documentary, Shark Water Extinction. Art, known to many kids as ‘The Shark Man’, is most comfortable on the water, and is a tireless advocate for the responsible conservation of sharks and all marine life.