Professional Divers
Mike Huntley and Tony Sampson

Date: Saturday March 11th

Location: Wild Game Kitchen

Featuring Dive Stories, Commentary, Question & Answer from the Crowd and Autograph Signings

2 Session Times: 3:00 pm – 4:00pm AND 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Mike Huntley - Curse of Oak Island
Huntley's Diving and Marine

As Seen on the TV Series – the Curse of Oak Island.
Huntley’s Diving and Marine Services.


Mike Huntley started his Diving career in 1992 as assistant Sea Urchin diver in Nova Scotia. With the lucrative Urchin industry he was able to open Sand and Sea Dive Shop as well as Huntleys Sub Aqua Construction. 

At Sand and Sea, he was a Diving instructor and with Huntley’ Sub Aqua Construction he was a Diver / Diving Supervisor for marine construction and aquaculture projects through the province. Mike was also an instructor at Acadia University for 3 years teaching scuba. 

Throughout the years Mike took on many responsibilities as business owner and continued to grow Huntleys Sub Aqua Construction which is now called Huntley’s Diving and Marine Services

HDAMS now has 4 work boats operating throughout the Maritimes and a well-equipped Dive Crew that can perform any underwater task. Huntley’s Diving and Marine Services has contributed a great deal of expertise and services in the Tidal Power generation industry. 

Mike has two most memorable television projects: “The Curse of Oak Island“ appearances and his Diver Supervisor role in “Legends of the Deep” where he was the Diving Supervisor for Celine and Fabian Cousteau. 

Mike, as always, will be growing and evolving in every aspect of his Professional career. 

If you ask what he is up to … his response is usually “Getting Wet and Dirty” 

Salty Dog Sea Tours

As Seen on the TV Series – the Curse of Oak Island.
Salty Dog Sea Tours.


Tony began his career in 1982 as a Marine Engineer in the Royal New Zealand Navy.   Tony then moved on to hold several positions in the New Zealand Police force for over a decade and then joined the fire service just to add another uniform to the collection.   Tony then took a position working with “at risk” youth mentoring them through an outdoor survival course involving scuba diving, search and rescue, first aid, and much more.

In 2002 Tony moved to Vancouver and took the position of Senior Dive Instructor at the Great Pacific Diving Company.  In 2004 he began working for Weatherhaven in BC where he worked in Afghanistan with the Canadian Military and ISAF forces erecting and dismantling bases and field hospitals in a war zone.

As an experienced diver with both Military and Police background, Tony worked doing field testing of diver monitoring technology with various military and police dive units.

In 2010 Tony accepted a position as a Primary Care Paramedic for EHS Nova Scotia where he worked with ground ambulance services and also as a LFO for life flight.   

During this time Tony also began working as a safety diver, cast and crew for several film production companies, you may recognize him from shows like “The Curse of Oak Island”, “Land & Sea”, “The Nature of Things”,  “Beyond Oak Island” , “Secrets of the Sea”  and “Animal Planet”.  

In 2015, Tony joined Falck Safety Services Canada as an Offshore survival and First Aid instructor, and is currently working on recovering “Ghost Gear” and abandoned fishing gear that continues to kill and maim marine life every year.

Tony and his wife Heidi own and operate Salty Dog Sea Tours and Salty Dog Dive Services in Mahone Bay on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia.

As a DCBC qualified diver , PADI Master Instructor with over 40 years of experience in the Police Force, Navy, Fire Service, and Paramedic Services, Tony is excited to continue his ocean adventures in any way possible.

Marcel Dupuis

Marcel Dupuis

Marcel Dupuis is the current Canadian Pro Champion for STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®.  

Marcel began competing in TIMBERSPORTS® in 2013, he was a formidable force from the beginning of his career.  Marcel is now a decorated athlete, he has held the title as National Champion 3 times and has been a member of Team Canada at the World Championships on 13 separate occasions. 

As a member of Team Canada he helped win Bronze in 2018 and Silver medals in 2014 and 2016 in the team relay format. Most recently proving he is one of the best athletes in the world with back to back podium finishes at the Individual World Pro Championships, taking Silver in 2021 and Bronze in 2022. 

At the 2022 World Championships Marcel became the fastest sawyer in the world by setting a new world record in the Single Buck discipline with a most impressive time of 11.42 seconds. 

When Marcel is not chopping wood at lightning speed or sawing logs in record time he spends his days in New Brunswick as a proud husband, father and member of the Moncton Fire Department. 

MEET MARCEL DUPUIS and get his autograph at the Tractor Dome Inc. Booths A5 & A6 on Saturday March 11th 2023 between 11-1pm and 3-5pm. Thank you to the Tractor Dome Inc. who is the exclusive sponsor of Marcel Dupuis at the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show. 

Allison Briscoe
Rumcache Forest Solutions

Allison Briscoe

Allison Briscoe found her passion for logger sports at the age of 11 and never looked back. Training hard all year round saw Ally qualify for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® series at the age of 15 and now at just 21 years of age she is the current Canadian Women’s Champion. On her way to winning the 2022 Championship Ally set a new Canadian record for the Single Buck Saw with a most impressive time of 12.01 seconds to saw through a 40cm (16”) round log.

Ally is currently furthering her education in the Business program at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

Ally will be representing Canada this June at the Stihl TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships in the Netherlands.

MEET ALLISON BRISCOE and get her autograph at the Rumcache Forest Solutions Booths D98 & D99 1/2 on Saturday March 11th 2023 between 1-3pm. Thank you to Rumcache Forest Solutions who is the exclusive sponsor of Allison Briscoe at the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show.