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Our tribute to the forestry industry happens ALL WEEKEND LONG at the show but kicks off with #FORESTRY FRIDAY.

Here’s what to expect (and more!)

AOSRV Show Promo - See You In Plaid


Wear your finest plaid to the show on Friday March 10th! Get spotted by the Plaid Patrol on the show floor for instant prizes and … take some selfies and pics tagging #FORESTRYFRIDAY and @AOSRV


See, learn and speak with the following businesses & groups on site all weekend long at the show

  • Rumcache Forest Solutions Inc
  • WestFor Management
  • Elmsdale Lumber
  • Forest NS
  • Maritime College of Forest Technology
  • NSCC Recruitment and NSCC Center of Forest Innovation
  • Nova Scotia Forest Professionals (NS Forest Technicians Association and the Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia)
  • Forestry Sector Council
  • Harry Freeman and Sons Ltd
  • The Tractor Dome
  • NS Department of Natural Resources & Renewables
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Timber Lounge
  • Nova Lumberjacks Society
  • Atlantic Forestry Review


PRESENTATION: Private Land Management / Woodlot Management

  • Time: Friday March 10th 12-1pm
  • Location: Wild Game Kitchen 

Join Rumcache Forest Solutions Inc panel to discuss:

  • Overview of services provided by Rumcache Forest Solutions Inc
  • Insight on Nova Scotia Silviculture Credits system
Rumcache Forest Solutions

PRESENTATION: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: A Threat to Hemlock Trees in Nova Scotia

  • Time: Friday March 10th 2-3pm 
  • Location: Wild Game Kitchen 

Join experts to learn about one of the most important topics in forestry today.  

Natural Resources Canada


Jeff Fidgen, Forest Health Biologist, Natural Resources Canada

Jeff joined Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service in 2009 and works at the Atlantic Forestry Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 1997 with a masters in forestry, specializing in biological control. Since then, he has worked on bark beetles and invasive insect pests, specifically emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid. He is currently working on biological control of hemlock woolly adelgid. 

Jeff Ogden, Provincial Entomologist, Nova Scotia Department Natural Resources and Renewables

Jeff Ogden is Provincial Forest Entomologist with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables. He has been with the department for 30 years with a career focusing on insect biodiversity, and forest pest monitoring. Current projects include understanding the biology of the hemlock woolly adelgid and the impacts the hemlock woolly adelgid has on the insect biodiversity within the eastern hemlock forest in Nova Scotia.


  • Time: Friday March 10th 3-4pm
  • Location: Wild Game Kitchen

The panel will cover some of the following topics:

  1. How did you learn about forestry?
  2. Where did you go to school?
  3. Why do you work in forestry?
  4. What are the pros and cons of being a female in a male dominated field?
  5. What changes do you feel are necessary for a more inclusive culture in forestry?
  6. What piece of advice would you give to a young female starting their career in forestry?


Spencer Coulstring-O’Brien

Spencer Coulstring-O’Brien

Spencer graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with her Bachelor of Science Communications (major in Biology and a minor in Public Relations and Communications). Post graduation she moved to British Columbia where she worked with Species at Risk at the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Center. After her time working at the hatchery, she started her journey in forestry. She started working with Avison Management Services Ltd. as a Forestry Technician in the Saik’uz First Nations Community Forest. She spent time doing operations layout, site plans, pine beetle surveys, and more. After working in copious amounts of blowdown she put her biology degree to use as an Environmental Technician with the same consultant. She spent the majority of her time there conducting stream restorations with local farmers. After her time in the mountains she, like most Maritimers, got the call home. Spencer worked with Costal Action out of Lunenburg as a Watershed Restoration Technician. She spent her time there conducting fish habitat assessments, stream remediation projects, as well as partook in invasive species surveys. After her time there she started at WestFor Management Inc. where she still is today. She is happy to have a part in managing the forests she grew up in while supporting the local communities and wonderful people of Nova Scotia.

Kaitlyn Enders

Kaitlyn Enders

My journey into the forestry industry started at a young age when I first developed my love for the outdoors. I grew up hiking, biking, camping, fishing and just about everything else you could do outdoors. I first attended the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in Lunenburg taking their Natural Resources Environmental Technology program. Part of the program was to attend a summer co-op to gain hands on experience in the field of work. I applied to the St. Margaret’s Bay stewardship association, where I learned how to be a community steward, helping clean up trash, fight invasive
species, prevent coastal erosion, forest fire prevention, trail maintenance and public outreach. The following year I work with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables as a forest resource worker. Here I learned about a variety of wildlife and forest surveys that are done to assess populations, measure growth yields and collect data. As my understanding for the natural environment grew so did my love for it so I decided to further my education. I attended Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay Ontario, taking their Forestry Technician program. While attending this school for two years I continued working with the department as a summer student. After achieving a recognized Forestry Technician diploma, I decided to further my education and get my degree in Forestry. I attended UNB for two years through their transfer program. While I was attending school, I got a job as a planting supervisor for a private company in Nova Scotia over seeing planting quality and managing the tree planters. Upon graduation I applied at WestFor Management Incorporated where I am currently employed as the Silviculture Forester. My job is to manage the planting and precommercial thinning in the nine western counties on crownland. I absolutely love my job and the great people I work with.

Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Campbell was fortunate to be born and raised on Cape Breton Island in a rural community on a hobby farm and woodlot along the Bras d’Or Lakes. She naturally had a love for everything outdoors and animals so attending Agricultural College seemed suiting after high school. Kirsten completed an animal science diploma and headed for the city…logical, right!? The city life was a great experience but eventually gave her the confirmation she needed to pursue a career in something more directly related to the outdoors. She also worked on a dairy farm here and there but decided on an environmental diploma, she graduated, worked in a few student positions, and then eventually went onto forestry school where she graduated with Forestry and Fish & wildlife diplomas. Kirsten got a job almost right out of school as an operations supervisor in CB at the local pulp mill. After her time at the mill, she took an opportunity to work on the private land management side of things. Kirsten is now in the research realm of forestry and is learning lots! She has been a proud executive board member of the NS Forest Technician Association since she graduated from forestry school, a volunteer on local school committees, as well as multiple other forestry related groups and enjoys playing hockey in her “spare” time. Kirsten is married to a fisherman and a mum of 3 small kids. Her kids have all been in a harvester, never miss a wood truck on the road, love the woods, plants, wildlife and water.

Jillian Weldon-Genge

Forests provide clean water, clean air, biological diversity, economic opportunities, spiritual and social needs, and many, many other services. The term “clearcutting” was introduced to me in high school following National level campaigns that raised the awareness of the pressures to harvest Old Growth forests. To learn more about forests and forestry issues, I decided to attend the University of New Brunswick to study forest ecology and forest management. While studying my Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a minor in Wildlife Biology, I worked in various summer jobs gaining practical experience of working in the woods. I held summer positions such as natural regeneration surveyor, junior botanist, and junior forest ecologist. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I decided to broaden my studies, so I enrolled in the Master of Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University. My research at Dalhousie University contributed to understanding the role of conservation areas within an intensively managed forest landscape. Following these studies, I worked as a forest ecologist for Irving Woodlands in their Black Brook District in northern New Brunswick. Following the arrival of my first of three children, my partner and I moved to Nova Scotia so I could work with the forest certification and silviculture programs for Bowater Mersey Paper Company. Following my 10-year work career with Bowater, I changed job paths and joined the NS Department of Natural Resources and Renewables. I currently work as a Regional Forester for the Department, where I work with other professionals in various forestry programs such as forest certification, harvest approval reviews, stakeholder engagement, and operational monitoring. In 2006, I became a Registered Professional Forester in Nova Scotia and have been involved in the maintenance and development of the Association as President in 2014-2015 and served on council for various years. I am currently involved in the External Communication and Continued Forestry Education committee for the Association. I would like to see professional reliance in the province better supported by the public and the forestry sector for both foresters and forest technicians. I am honoured to be involved in a Mentorship Program with other female foresters and technicians. With my experience, I can try and support the growth and development of other women in the forestry field through knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

Miguel Cote

I grew up attending the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV show as a young kid. I was always outdoors from hunting, fishing trapping and anything else outdoors. That’s why I knew Forestry was the career for me. During high school I completed over 400 hours of Co-op education with the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables. After high school I attended the Maritime College of Forest Technology graduating in 2020 with a Diploma in both Forest Technology and Advanced Fish and Wildlife. In May of 2020 after graduation I started work with Rumcache Forest Solutions Inc where I still work today. I am a Forest Technician along with the Safety Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator for RFS.

PRESENTATION: How to Start an Axe Throwing Club

  • Time: Friday March 10th 4-5pm 
  • Location: Wild Game Kitchen 

Chat with Darren Hudson of the Timber Lounge and the Nova Lumberjacks Society to talk about how you can start an Axe Throwing Club in your community and get in on one of the fastest growing trends around!

Girls and Axes at the Timber Lounge


Marcel Dupuis

Marcel Dupuis

Marcel Dupuis is the current Canadian Pro Champion for STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®.  

Marcel began competing in TIMBERSPORTS® in 2013, he was a formidable force from the beginning of his career.  Marcel is now a decorated athlete, he has held the title as National Champion 3 times and has been a member of Team Canada at the World Championships on 13 separate occasions. 

As a member of Team Canada he helped win Bronze in 2018 and Silver medals in 2014 and 2016 in the team relay format. Most recently proving he is one of the best athletes in the world with back to back podium finishes at the Individual World Pro Championships, taking Silver in 2021 and Bronze in 2022. 

At the 2022 World Championships Marcel became the fastest sawyer in the world by setting a new world record in the Single Buck discipline with a most impressive time of 11.42 seconds. 

When Marcel is not chopping wood at lightning speed or sawing logs in record time he spends his days in New Brunswick as a proud husband, father and member of the Moncton Fire Department. 

MEET MARCEL DUPUIS and get his autograph at the Tractor Dome Inc. Booths A5 & A6 on Saturday March 11th 2023 between 11-1pm and 3-5pm. Thank you to the Tractor Dome Inc. who is the exclusive sponsor of Marcel Dupuis at the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show. 

Allison Briscoe
Rumcache Forest Solutions

Allison Briscoe

Allison Briscoe found her passion for logger sports at the age of 11 and never looked back. Training hard all year round saw Ally qualify for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® series at the age of 15 and now at just 21 years of age she is the current Canadian Women’s Champion. On her way to winning the 2022 Championship Ally set a new Canadian record for the Single Buck Saw with a most impressive time of 12.01 seconds to saw through a 40cm (16”) round log.

Ally is currently furthering her education in the Business program at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

Ally will be representing Canada this June at the Stihl TIMBERSPORTS® World Championships in the Netherlands.

MEET ALLISON BRISCOE and get her autograph at the Rumcache Forest Solutions Booths D98 & D99 1/2 on Saturday March 11th 2023 between 1-3pm. Thank you to Rumcache Forest Solutions who is the exclusive sponsor of Allison Briscoe at the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show.


Atlantic Forestry Review
Staff from Rumcache Forest Solutions Inc. are eagerly anticipating the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV. Left to right: Maxwell Miller, Devon Wilkins, Nicholas Tanton, Connor O’Brien, Ian O’Brien, Kolbi Daniels, Matthew Hatch, and Miguel Cote

From the Atlantic Forestry Review, January 2023

The Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show is proud to announce its FIRST EVER forestry focus at the upcoming March 10-12, 2023 edition at Halifax Exhibition Centre. Over the show’s 38 years, forestry has always been a part of this event – the largest gathering of outdoor enthusiasts in Atlantic Canada – but never has it been in the spotlight like this year. In fact, Day 1 of the show will be themed FORESTRY FRIDAY, with a request that all attendees wear their best plaid!

“We have always wanted to emphasise forestry as part of the outdoors, and promote an industry that’s a huge part of our life here in Atlantic Canada – we just weren’t sure how,” says Kori Levy, Event and Account Manager for show promoter Darwin Event Group. “Now, with help from some new friends, we’re able to make this happen in a big way for 2023!”

The show will feature educational sessions, presentations on trending forestry topics, and the chance for people to touch, learn, and discover through hands-on activities. Forestry equipment will be on display and for sale, including items appealing to small private landowners as well as large forestry businesses. Many exhibitors will also be discussing career pathways and opportunities in the forestry sector. The Scott’s Timber Show, a main arena entertainment tradition, will wow the crowds again this year, and negotiations with a forestry celebrity are in the works. Devon Wilkins, co-owner of Rumcache Forest Solutions Inc., is excited to be an exhibitor, and optimistic about engaging with attendees.

“Forestry has historically been a ‘quiet,’ misunderstood industry, due to the nature of the work and people involved in it,” he says. “Nova Scotia has an incredible variety of mills, contractors, woodlot co-ops, associations, and consultants available to help all sizes and types of woodlot owners with different goals. We hope this show will provide a showcase for these groups to highlight their skills and knowledge – to create a stronger, healthier connection with members of the public. This show could become a yearly platform that our sector can utilize and build from for years to come, adding another interesting dynamic to an already amazing event.”

Other exhibitors include, WestFor Management, Elmsdale Lumber, Eisnor’s Forestry, the Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association, Harry Freeman and Son Limited, the Maritime College of Forest Technology, The Tractor Dome, and more.

For exhibitor information, tickets, and more information on the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show, please see www.sportsandrvshow.com or contact Kori Levy at kori@darwineventgroup.com.

From the Atlantic Forestry Review, January 2023 edition.

Thank you to our friends at the Atlantic Forestry Review for including us in their January 2023 publication to help spread the word on this year’s Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show.