Celebrity Appearances

Amanda Lynn Mayhew












Seminar Pavilion – (Booth D90, 91, 96, 97)

Building A Main Arena Friday March 8th
8 – 9pm International Women’s Day Celebrity Axe Throwing Demos  – Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Saturday March 9th -12-1pm Expert Hunting Celebrity
– Amanda Lynn Mayhew
7-8pm Expert Hunting Celebrity – Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Sunday March 10th -12-1pm Expert Hunting Celebrity
– Amanda Lynn Mayhew Main Arena Appearance
– Building A Friday March 8th
8 – 9pm International Women’s Day Bow Demonstration – Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Not just a TV show but a lifestyle brand, Just Hunt® stands for love what you do, be true to who you are and #justhunt – whether it be for animals, fish, or life. Stay focused on positive inspiration and keep it simple.

BE REAL – BE STRONG – BE YOU – Advocate for Graves Disease as she herself struggles with this.

Amanda Lynn has a knack for keeping her audience engaged with her stories and episodes that are always filled with a combination of education and outdoors adventures.

This is one tough outdoorswoman and a product of Northern Ontario, a small town called Manitouwadge, (where she grew up Playing in the Extreme) who now resides in Southern Ontario and is the HOST of JUST HUNT® which airs on WILD PURSUIT NETWORK. This young woman has proved her worth as an athlete, inspirational speaker, angler, power sports enthusiast and a hunter whose mission it is to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage.

Amanda Lynn’s above average success rates for her DIY hunts are impressive, most hunters’ hunt 30+ years to harvest animals that Amanda Lynn has been fortunate to hunt and harvest. Although not a trophy hunter in terms of inches and skulls sharing her trophies which represent memories, and adventures.

Amanda Lynn has a growing social media following that has a fan base that trusts what she recommends and women that watch her show, participate in her events, purchase what she introduces to them, proving that what you are introduced to, you remember.

The numbers are visibly increasing each year with the influences of television and media, with the rise of social media influencing showcasing women and children the growing industry is in full forward like never before. The younger generation looks up to the role models of industry seeing strong, beautiful, capable and independent women who love to fish, hunt and the outdoors. Amanda Lynn was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 1998 and has given her efforts to bring awareness to rare diseases and health awareness. Including Progeria, Multiple Sclerosis and Congenital Heart Conditions.

With dedication and hard work, determination, focus on fitness, outdoors skills and a positive, energetic personality and a passion for travel. Amanda Lynn has embraced her roots, having been raised to love the outdoors life. She has directed that passion launch a career, quickly becoming one of the most accomplished and popular faces of the outdoors.

Supporting people in pursuit of their hunting heritage, Amanda Lynn founded the Range Day and Take Me Outreach Programs, designed to help new adventurers get out there and get started.


Cara “Scorpion” Fritz










Cara is the Axe Master General of Bury the Hatchet (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania).  She is the highest ranking female thrower in WATL US Open 2018, Lady Blade and is the first and only female member of the WATL Council. She is Miss April for both the Competitive Women of Axe Throwing 2019 and the Professional Women of Axe Throwing 2019 Calendars. Come see Cara and her axe tricks in action at the Axe vs Bows event on Friday March 8th at 7 pm in the main arena. Cara will be available to meet, greet and sign autographs at the Halimac booth on Saturday March 9th from 1-2 pm and she is also in WATL competition throughout the weekend!



 Sunday March 10th, 10 am – 11:00 am Jack Axes & Halimac Booth D65 – D67









Evan Walters is the Commissioner of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). After joining the axe throwing community at the beginning of the World Axe Throwing League, Evan saw the potential of the sport and knew that the goal of the World Axe Throwing League would benefit, not just axe enthusiasts, but the professional sports community as well. Working tirelessly to see the sport grow after being brought on in early 2018, he has helped take WATL from a dozen companies in North America to the worldwide stage we see today, as well as national reach with ESPN. He also was instrumental in fostering a partnership with the oldest recorded axe and knife throwing organization in the world, the International Knife Throwing Hall of Fame.
“I’m thrilled to be helping organize axe throwing with the goal of bringing athletes from all over the world together toward the shared goal of sportsmanship and fun. My sincere thanks to all past, present, and future friends and family in the WATL and anyone who helps spread the love of axe throwing. WATL wouldn’t be here if not for your passion.” – Evan Walters